About Me

I am Nilang Shah. I am an MCTS (Developing Certified Technology Specialist in .NET 2.0) and currently at NJ, USA.


13 Responses to About Me

  1. Chirag Darji says:

    Hey buddy nice blog. Thanks that you are sparing time to share the knowledge to other techies. Be in touch.

  2. Hey dude

    Nice blogs. Its nice that lots of gujaraties are doing great blogging.

    I have seen your collection and i must say that nice blog.

    I also got blog at http://jalpesh.blogspot.com

    do visit it. It also on microsoft technologies.



  3. Hi nilag,

    this is jalpesh remebered?

    I just want to know that your company started working on wcf,wpf or not?

    thanks in advance

    keep in touch



  4. nilangshah says:

    hi jalpesh,

    yes, started working on WF, WCF and Moss 2007.
    as such very few projects for now, however more and more new projects coming in that technology.

    Nilang Shah

  5. Meet says:

    How r u ?
    Nice blog….

  6. Nilang Joshi says:

    hi man nice to see 1 more Nilang on blog

    mine blo is nilangjoshi.wordpress.com i am also in Microsoft Technology in JP Mprgan

  7. fokeerbux says:

    hi nilang
    nice work man
    try more comlicated ones
    i’ve looking for like two weeks but no luck
    i think u can help

  8. Bhavin says:

    Hey great blog man…
    it helps me a lot and sure that same with others too

    Bhavin Patel
    R-Square Inc

  9. nisha ptel says:

    good going dud………..

  10. iamorim says:

    Hi Nilang!

    You did a Great Job!
    Very useful information!



  11. Darren Fleming says:

    Hi Nilang,

    My name is Darren Fleming and I came across your profile on LinkedIn. I’m currently working on a SharePoint project and like to speak with you. Please give me a call on 908-241-9195.

  12. vijaybhaskar says:

    Good atricles…Keep posting.

    Please check http://sharepointvideos.wordpress.com/ for more videos

  13. raghu veer gupta says:

    Hi Nilang,

    Nice blog.

    Could you provide details for WF and articles on it.

    Raghu Veer Gupta

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